cherry (chrome_cherry) wrote,

z update

A couple of people asked for updates on z
He came home on Sunday morning with his mum and dad :-)

I can't give many more deails because I'm not sure of them and I'd hate to give out wrong info, but I can say he's out of hospital, and thank you all again for your kind thoughts and wishes.
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Aw that's such good news :) So glad he is at home and getting better :)
Thanks for the update, I'm so glad to hear this :)
I take it that Z was hospitalized? Hope it was not too serious and that recovery is rapid and total and that you are both well blessed in all sublime and needful things. MM
*waves* hello, I've ditched my old username of interior_lulu and I'm now souldier_blue - it would be really lovely if you would re-add me :-)
Ack, sorry, my previous comment is a bit tacky considering the subject matter - sorry, I just clicked on the most recent entry. I hope everything is OK now?
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