cherry (chrome_cherry) wrote,

super geeks...

I was always a bit of a geek.

I'm not sure where it came from. There where probably several factors in my childhood that led to me rejecting conventional notions of what was cool and what wasn't - I certainly felt like I was playing with a different set of rules very early on. And even when I discovered the 'alternative scene' and the 'counter culture', in some ways it was a blessing, but in some ways it was just another set of rules and expectations I was never going to set into.
I never got along with cliques, and 'geeks' have some of the most stringent rules for joining I've ever encountered (except maybe... some others)...

ah fuck it I can't keep this up any longer.
What I really want to say is most of you are nerdier and/or geekier than me.
So you have NO excuse for not having watched Heroes season one yet. Finish watching it NOW and then go download the first episode of season two.



Goddamn you all I need to geek and plot and compare notes and I CAN'T because you haven't watched this show yet.

What is wrong with you?

Bah. I would just geek all over lj but my girlfriend would kill me dead deader than that character whose name I'm not saying.. yeah I'm not that stupid


oh yes, tonight was lots of fun.
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