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Moving On Parade

wow! I have just seen the coolest thing!

Heard lots of noise - chanting, whistles, drums - outside, so being bored inquisitive I went out to have a look and see what was going on. I got to the end of the street just before a huge parade started. Mostly children - different groups, in absolutely amazing costumes and with great accessories.

One group in circus gear; another dressed as animals and carrying a giant papier-mache lion; there were groups dressed as pirates, flowers, musical instruments and even ipods, carrying giant papier-mache cars, skulls, guitars and shoes, waving brightly coloured flags and banners. It's easily one of the best parades I've ever seen.

I couldn't work out what the common theme was so I asked a local shopkeeper what the parade was for (everyone had come out of the shops and pubs to watch), and apparently every year on the last of term all the schools in the area dress up and march through Lewes - it's the 'Moving On' parade.

Isn't that a great idea? I bet it means they spend most of the last few weeks of school making stuff for the parade rather than doing any real work, too. I'd be jealous on behalf of my younger self if it hadn't been so much fun to watch.
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